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How To Thrive In A Commercial Law Firm


For lawyers, leaders & law firms who want to thrive in a changing world


Whether you're an aspiring associate or a managing partner, how good you are at people, relationships and leadership will determine your personal, professional and business success.


These are skills which are not taught at law school and many firms preach but few practise.


Jonathan Watmough led an award-winning City law firm for ten years.


He lifts the lid on what makers lawyers and law firms tick. Why people, relationship and leadership skills are fundamentally important for lawyers, lawyer careers, law firm success and life. Why they matter more than ever in a changing world. And how to master them.

Book details

Publisher:  Jonathan Watmough

Language:  English

Softcover:  302 pages

ISBN:  978-1-3999-7941-2

Dimensions:  235mm x 22mm x 155mm

Shipping:  UK only

Delivery:  Estimated 5-10 working days

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